Biking with the boys


Now that it is warm out my family is lot more active outside. This year I am starting to go on bike rides and pulling my two boys. It might look smooth and easy, but it is not.

Together they weigh over 50lbs and pulling that is not easy. Any little incline feels like a mountain lol. I can’t go very far yet, but even the little ways I go I know I burning some calories and I feel the burn in my legs.

My hope in about a month is to get them to the park and back and hopefully not die trying :-).

I am trying to do this 3 times a week depending on weather.

This is just another step in trying to be healthy, I don’t expect to lose a lot of weight. I just want to be more healthy and enjoy the outdoors with my children.


Need to be motivated


The above picture of me was taken when I was getting my dog Lily Ann from the humane society in 2006. I was between 124-130 is my guess. Back then I thought look at those thighs could lose some of that! Now I look at those thighs and think I wish I had them back!!

I need to look at old pictures and stay motivated. It is hard living in a house where I am the only one eating healthy. I want to eat the mac and cheese, I want to eat carbs.  Not that you can’t have that from time to time but sometimes I want to just do it simple and have nasty porcessed foods all the time.  Some people say throw out all the nasty stuff and if I did that I might end up unmarried 🙂 or just make your kids eat and don’t give in.  Easier said then done. I have a 3-year-old up until I started eating better was eating processed foods, veggies in cans ( I do love sweet peas in a can) canned fruit ( yuck) he does like a salad from time to time and he loved his banana for lunch today. But you can’t expect a child to start over right a way. He loves his spongebob fruit snacks and I like to say no you can’t have that eat some veggies with humus he rather go hungry.  Now my 1-year-old he will eat almost anything under the sun except fruit unless it is baby food prunes. He loves his veggies and doesn’t like a lot of processed foods, he is his mother when it comes to eating.

Though slowly I am trying to show my older one what is good for you.  I take him to my plot garden part of the community garden in Wisconsin Rapids. He learns about water and taking care of plants and get excited to help weed or pick vegtables..still thinks there gross to eat, but we are making progress.

My husband is very supportive of my getting fit and healthy, but he doesn’t liked to be forced and I will not force him to not eat good. He often said his mother would try to hide onions in foods to get him to eat it and it turned him off forever. I don’t want to do that, it is a personal choice. He does like the roasted chickpeas I make for a snack and Kale chips. One day we want to also get grass-fed meat from a local farmer instead of the meat that is full of chemicals from the store.

It is all about the little steps towards better health in our family. I guess I am test subject and hope my boys and maybe my husband will join me on the bandwagon of better health…that is my hope.

Walking to lose


One of the reasons I started the journey to better health is because of my knee. In a previous post the doctor said lose weight and you might not even feel it anymore and he is right. Since I have started to lose weight and eat foods that help cut down on the inflammation I don’t notice it as much.

The thing is…I am at a stand still on losing it and even though I am happy to be 15lbs down and 3 sizes I know I am not where I should be.  So I have started to walk with my boys. I put them in a double stroller and we go around the neighborhood. I am not sure how far I go but we are gone for at least 30 mins…hoping this helps and then by the end of the summer my goal is to start towing them with the bike!  Any other ideas people have about how to lose weight by getting active is welcome. I have P90X but I can’t do that because of my knee…well at least for now 🙂 My goal is to strengthen my knee enough that I can do anything maybe even running?!!! Crazy thought for me because I am not a runner, but then again I never thought I would love eating veggies or grow a garden too. Enjoy the summer and get out and be active if anything it lifts your spirits!!