Biking with the boys


Now that it is warm out my family is lot more active outside. This year I am starting to go on bike rides and pulling my two boys. It might look smooth and easy, but it is not.

Together they weigh over 50lbs and pulling that is not easy. Any little incline feels like a mountain lol. I can’t go very far yet, but even the little ways I go I know I burning some calories and I feel the burn in my legs.

My hope in about a month is to get them to the park and back and hopefully not die trying :-).

I am trying to do this 3 times a week depending on weather.

This is just another step in trying to be healthy, I don’t expect to lose a lot of weight. I just want to be more healthy and enjoy the outdoors with my children.


Gardening with Kids is a Life Lesson


Even though I am on a more healthy journey it hasn’t been easy to get others in my family to do it. My youngest little C loves fruits and veggies in smoothies. His big brother L started out good, but now at age 4 doesn’t like them much. It is hard when I see all the benefits of healthy eating and others around me don’t do the same.

I’m sure many of you can relate. This is my first year at home doing a garden as I said in a pervious post. It is right in the front of our house and when the weather is good I try to take the kids out at least a couple of hours a day.  Also that makes it easy for me to do my garden and also show them the way things grow and how to take care of them.

My oldest he will ask me questions about what is growing and now helps me water the plants. Though he has no interest in eating it I am hoping by these little steps he will want to eat them too.  Just like with a garden I am planting seeds in him watching him grow and learn.

I don’t expect my children to change overnight or maybe even this year, but I will show them by example of what is good food and how we can grow it.  Then hopefully in the long run they will want to do it and show their children someday.

So often we want big changes to happen right away, but like a garden you need to tend it with loving care. Try to remove the weeds and remember to be patient. It is amazing what a little garden can teach us.

Square foot gardening at home..1st time!


Staying healthy is not always easy or cheap. Last year I was part of a community garden where I learned about square foot gardening and it was great. The only problem I had with it was I lived over 20 mins away and it wasn’t always profitable for me to just run in and water plants and then drive back. So this year I decided to do my own square ft gardening at home. I put it in the front yard right by our deck. From the picture above I have already got some plants going!


In square ft gardening you put certain plants together in a small place where normally you wouldn’t and use the vertical space more than in a traditional garden. For example in the this picture. I have it against my deck and the plants will be cucumbers and different types of squashes. Though these plants normally spread out I am going to have them climb up instead of out( or so I hope).


In the front rows will be more plants that do not need vertical space. In this picture shows the early start of radishes, you can plant up to 12 in one square! but not all of mine have popped up lol, but some are so I am happy. I am also doing onions, spinach which they say you can do four in a square, parsley which is two and carrots which also can be 9-12 in a square. Not all have popped up yet and some I am wondering they will ever, but you will see plenty of pictures of my success and I’m sure some failures.

But there is nothing like watching things pop up out of the garden and know you’re doing something good.

Spring has sprung smoothie

Even though the weather is taking a long time in Wisconsin to change, I remain hopeful on this sunny day. Since getting back on track eating healthy I notice if I get a cold it doesn’t last as long.

I feel happy and more energized.
This smoothie reminds of spring. It is a light minty taste with some sweetness mixed in. The light green color reminds me of leaves breaking out of the buds on the tree.
Here is the ingredients which are blended in the ultrabullet.

Handful of spinach
Handful of parsley
Cup of pineapple
Half a cup of celery
Half a cup of yogurt
You can also add honey or maple syrup for sweetness.
Also as much water as you want.


New year and down a new road..a fiber road



Now I will be the first to admit these do not look good.  They taste good and that is all that matters in this house. I’m sorry I have taken so much time off. With the holidays it was busy with my stepdaughter here and we did have are rounds of sickness and it seems like my husband is sick again but with a cold. We can stand those, but the kind where there is throwing up and fevers ugh…

Anyway my oldest is part of this blog he went to see a GI specialist   in a near by city.  The short part of this long journey to this is that he has had stomach problems for as long as he was born and he is only 3.5. He was tested and no problems besides a serious condition of constipation which has halted any potty training which makes this mom wonder if diapers will ever end in this house.  Anyone else feel that way? He is now on a high fiber diet. He needs to have 40 grams of it daily…a grown man needs just 35 grams.

So I have been on the path of changing out diet in this house.  As you know from a pervious post I have been doing gluten free at least trying it. But with this I am doing more fiber so that includes wheat in our house. He isn’t big on vegtables  or fruit so wheat products have to take the place. I am still far from getting 40 grams in so any recipe ideas are welcome!!!

Back to the above picture.

He loves these and it is packed full of fiber.

Here is the recipe if anyone wants them again they taste a ton better then they look.

First melt one bag of any type of chocolate or peanut butter chips in the microwave. Put it in a a bowl and mix it with half a box of Fiber One Cereal.  Take a scoop and fill muffin cups. Then put them in the refrigerator and let them firm up. After that you can eat them.

The recipe is also on the box.

I have also done black bean chocolate cookies and they are to die for!!

So my path this year is changing to help my son get things moving down there which changes on how the family eats. Even my husband is more on board eating healthy. We are in this together and I couldn’t be happier then to be on this team. Ups and downs we are in it together.


Soups the best on a cold day

butternut squash

Awhile back I made my Fall Butternut Squash Red Pepper Soup as shown above. It is very tasty and hits the spot esp. cold days like we are having. The problem I have is all my soups are homemade. I go to school for 8 hours and then pick up my boys and come home. I really don’t feel like making homemade soup and then I end up not eating something healthy.

I do admit it is hard when you are tired and want to eat healthy but rather do the easy thing and eat something fast. So I decided that one weekend which happen to be deer hunting opener and my husband was off hunting that I would try making big batches of soup. At the end of the weekend I had made 9 bowls of soup to freeze. Now I just have to pop them in the microwave and heat them up. Now when I am hungry and want soup it is just minutes away. Below I will share a soup from another site that I love and is incredibly healthy for you.

There are many days I struggle esp around the holidays and I try not to get down about it. I know this is a journey and it will take a while to get it right. I hope your all staying warm. Normally I watch my Green Bay Packers but it hasn’t been a good game. Maybe they need to stop making so much Campbell soup commercials and start working on football.  Then again they could be the spokesmen for my soups lol.

Take care everyone and remember this is the time of the year to be thankful and I am thankful for those of you who follow me. I hope I am a blessing to you out there! Here is a link to that site. Love that site as well!




Gluten Free is it for me?


Doesn’t that just make you want to eat that? I can almost smell it through the screen too…I  am a lover of pasta and breads I don’t denied it. I love my children’s Mac and Cheese and can not resist taking a bit or four. Though I am starting to wonder if that is good for my body. When I first started this path to eating better I though besides cutting out processed foods that going whole grain would be good for me too. I mean growing up I heard that white bread is bad but the best is whole wheat. Even WIC encourages women with young children to eat whole wheat bread. 

Then as the months went by I read articles about wheat being bad and I am still learning about it. So I decided to try to take out most of my gluten. I bought some gluten free bread which wasn’t bad but isn’t the best. It works when I want a sandwich.  Then I started making things without gluten in it.  My inflammation is going down in my knees again and I don’t have that heavy feeling in my stomach after eating. If I do go off it now I realize I get a stomach ach and I know it is from eating great tasting but bad for you food. I had a yummy bread stick last night and it did not set well with me. I am still searching and wondering from anyone who reads this your thoughts on going Gluten Free or not?

I will keep everyone up to date on what I find.